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Customizing Links and Resources

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Action Figure Sites/Forums

Action Figure Insider
Action Figures Times (AFT)
Articulated Discussion
Collector Action Figures

Figure Reviews
Figure Realm
4chan's /toy/ (caution, unmoderated strong language/possible sexual content)
Green Lantern Corps

Hobby Fanatics!
Marvelous News
Iron Cow Productions
OAFE Toy Reviews
One Sixth Warrior Forums

Points of Articulation
Raving Toy Maniac (Singapore)
Superhero Sentinel
The Toy Ark
ToyCutter, custom figure blog
Toy News International

Transformers Figure Forums

Transformer World 2005
The AllSpark (part of the ENI network)
Cybertron Philippines
Sector 70
The Transformers Net

GI Joe Figure Forums

The Fighting 1:18th
Broken Arrow Toys Forums
The Terror Drome

Buy Marvel, Transformers, and other action figures online

Action Figure Express
Amok Time
Batjeepster's custom Green Lantern Rings!
Big Bad Toy Store
CCG Armory
CMD Store
The Collectorate. By collectors, for collectors
Forbidden Planet NYC
GoHastings cheap action figures
Hasbro Toy
Mattel Online Store
Onell Design (Glyos System Figures)
Past Generation Toys

Sideshow Collectibles, your 1:18 scale stop
Spy Monkey MoTU and DCU custom weapons

The 4 Horsemen Store
Things from Another World
ZoloWorld! Protective clamshells, cases, and more

Customizing/Kitbuilding Articles

Make your own sculpting tools
Cody's Coop, mecha/figural kit tips
Smellybug's Sculpting Tutorial (Super Sculpy)
TutorialFichenFoo, painting/modeling tutorials
Step-by-Step Gundam Modeling
Heavy Armour Studios, Gundam and kitbuilding tips
Hobby Fanatics, Figure and Kitbuilding Tutorials

Headcasts and Weapon Castings

Broken Arrow Toys, 1:18 scale but now has Marvel Legends scale swords, guns, and TOP HATS!
The Casting Cave, 4", 6", 7" scale

CamcoKids headcasts. DC, Marvel, and more
DMC Direct. 6" Marvel Legends headcasts.
Glassman's Marvel Legends headcasts.
HunterArtworks, 1:18 Joe scaled casts and sculpts
Raginspoon's 1:18 scale GI Joe custom casts

Shapeways 3D printed Transformers parts
Shapeways 3D printed Calloway Custom Shop
Spy Monkey MotU and DCU custom weapons, custom headsculpts of YOU for your figures!

Marauder Gun Runners, GI Joe scale cast weapons
Broken Arrow Toys. GI Joe cast heads and more.
Slayer Design Studios (formerly Tri-Gate) 1:18 scale casts.
Buy a 3D printer and print your own?


Buy Customizing supplies & More

Paints and brushes I currently use:
Formula P3 paints
Testors Acrylic Paint Series Paints
Tamiya Clear acrylic brush on colors
Tamiya spray paint [For Plastics] just don't use on soft rubber capes
Liquid Latex, mix a little with acrylic paints to paint flexible capes!
Monster Kolor, paint for Vinyl Rotocast Figures
Dynasty Craft assortment, set No. 9, general use brushes
Buy Reaper Kolinsky Rounds, fine detail brushes on Ebay

Tools and stuff:
Buy Tamiya Plastic Scriber II on ebay, make panel lines in plastic!
Apex dust-free display cases for 3 3/4" figures.
Firm silicon tipped Clay Shapers to sculpt Apoxie Sculpt with
Pro-Create Professional Sculptor's putty. Flexible for sculpting hair
Quality 1/6th scale steel swords and weapons by Mononofu
Buy Dremel rotary tool bits of all kinds on ebay
Yellowed plastic? Restore it with Retrobrite!
Buy Mechanical Chain Bases on ebay, the hangar-tech sci-fi background I use for some of my customs.

Light up Gundam Beam Sabers on ebay
Making labels/stickers? Use high quality Papilio inkjet vinyl sticker sheets
Mini scaled props, cans, bottles, etc. (refine in search)
Blanx 1:18 (Gi Joe/Marvel Universe style) scale bodies for customizing!

Aves Studios Products. Apoxie Sculpt, Fixit Sculpt, and more.
3mm basic LED assortment, 105 pieces, 7 colors (recommended)
3mm LEDs(all auctions)
Micro-Mark, customizing tools and supplies

Guassboys Super Magnets. Easily buy rare earth magnets of all shapes and sizes.
Option kits for customs, from panels to rivets at
HobbyBase/yellowsub ball-joints, the best ones at
Hobby Engineering. From LEDs to Resins, this place has it all.'s Ebay Store! Or check their site here.
StickerFixers, symbols from toy lines! (Battle Beasts, Ghostbusters, etc)
Dry Transfer lettering, numbers, signs (under Accessories)
Azbro Sculpting wax and heat pens for casting

The Complete Sculptor for wax/clay/molds
Buy a Light Tent for better pictures of your customs!

Cold Heat soldering tool. What I use for LED work.
Sculpting Tools.
Smooth-On mold making and casting materials
Deal Extreme Toys, all sorts of anime/video game figs

Friends & Other Nifty Stuff

Collector Action figures (giant figure archive)
Alexa- Top Customizing Figure Sites
Michael Crawford's Toy Reviews
The Adventures of Doctor NcNinja!
Toys R Evil Blog, for the newest import figure news and urban vinyl
The Fighter's Generation (Video Fighting game archive)
WOOT! .com (buy one thing a day for cheap!)
RTM's "How Action Figures are Made"

Looking for custom action figures?

Need some loose figures for customizing? Check out the action figure lots on Ebay and snag a bunch of loose figures for a great price. Below is set up for for Marvel Legends but if you're looking for a different series just type in what lot you are looking for in the search bar, like 'Star Wars Action Figure Lot'.

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